Wednesday, December 6, 2017

October moving into November

We have sure enjoyed the fall weather here in Brampton.  Flowers blooming well into November and grass still green in December.  No shoveling here, yet...
We have been working hard at the mission office - never a dull moment.  We so love the young missionaries.  They are awesome.  We are also keeping busy in our ward, the Heart Lake Ward.  Elder Swendsen is the High Priest Group Leader and is enjoying that.  We are still helping ward members with their Family History during Sunday School time each week.  We are getting members more enthused about searching for their ancestors.
Here are some of the flowers outside of our apartment building.

November 1st we took our new office staff to the Mandarin for dinner.  We had an enjoyable time at this wonderful Chinese buffet.  The food is awesome. 
Our two new office couples are getting settled as they are learning their new responsibilities in the office.

Again still beautiful flowers in November.
We are loving serving our Heavenly Father as missionaries in the Canada Toronto Mission.

Estate Grounds, Cars and Meeting Salway Cousins

Saturday, October 28, 2017, we did a day excursion and went to Oshawa, Ontario.  It was a beautiful drive as we could enjoy the beginning of fall colors.  We did have a lot of rain that day, but we still enjoyed the trip.  Our first stop was Parkwood Estate.  This was the home of Sam McLaughlin, the car magnate.  Here is a link, if you would like to learn more about it.
The grounds are very extensive.  We strolled through some of the gardens even though it was raining.  The lawns were still very green (some were being mowed that day).  Most of the gardens had been prepared for winter, but the rose garden still had beautiful roses blooming.  The fountains had been drained for winter as well.  We did not tour the house as did not have a lot of time.  We are planning to go back in the late spring to see the gardens in full bloom.

We then went to the CanadianAutomotive Museum in Oshawa - there were over 100 cars there - most made in Canada - some even by the McLaughlin Car Company.
It was amazing.

We then met up with some of Mike's cousins from the Salway Family - Uncle Monte's clan - Shirley, Karen, Janice, and David, and David's Wife.  We had a great visit and a wonderful dinner in a quaint pub in Oshawa.

It was a great day.  We will be meeting with these cousins again for Christmas dinner.  It was fun to learn a little more about Uncle Monte (the magician).

Sunday, November 5, 2017

St Jacob's Market and the Amish - 2nd Visit

The first Saturday in October, we took Elder and Sister Donnelly to St. Jacob's Market in Amish country.  We had a great time with so much more to see than the first time we went in the spring.  There were the usual indoor vendors and so many more outdoor vendors.The quilt shop was open and there were some gorgeous quilts for sale. 

While we were there, we took a horse and wagon trip to a Mennonite Farm.  It was a very informative trip.  We learned a lot about the Mennonites.  In this area of Ontario, there are about 30 different groups.  They basically fall into three categories:  Old Order or Amish, the Conservative Mennonites, and the Progressive Mennonites.  We saw their apple orchard that still had many apples on the trees.  They also have a large maple grove.  It takes 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup.  We also saw their different buggies in their buggy barn.  Malls in the areas also have buggy barn for them to park in while they are shopping.  We got to go into their store in their home and make a few purchases.

October was busy with transfers.  Monday, October 9th, we had a new group of missionaries arrive - great Thanksgiving to get these new enthusiastic elders and sisters.  Wednesday, October 11, we said goodbye to some awesome missionaries.
This is the going home group.  We miss them already.

Mid October and the flowers and fountains at the temple are still beautiful.

Near the end of October we had a new office couple arrive, Elder and Sister Anderson.  They are taking over for the Wolfleys, who left on October 30th.
Elder Anderson is in charge of finances, apartments and phones.  Sister Anderson is in charge of referrals, baptisms and supplies.

Andersons are on the left and Wolfleys are on the right.  Elder Anderson is the older brother of Ray Anderson who used to live in the Richmond Ward with his wife, Jane, and their family.  He was the bishop for many years.

This is the new office staff - Andersons, Donnellys, Wofleys (gone home) and the Swendsens.
We love serving with these wonderful senior couples.

October - a Beautiful, Warm Fall in Ontario

October 1st, in between Conference Sessions, we went for a lovely stroll through Chinguacousy Park.  Beautiful flowers still blooming every where.  The huge wading pool was still being used by many children like it was a summer day.  It was still very warm.

In September, a lot of places dug up their still blooming summer flowers and planted fall flowers.  Weird concept to us from Alberta.

Fall here, in Ontario, is quite pretty.  We haven't had as many reds in the trees this year as there hasn't been a light frost yet.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

September Went by in a Blur

September came and went so fast, we don't know what happened to the time.  The flower garden above was done for Canada's 150th birthday.  We saw 2 or 3 just like it around town.
Another trip downtown to the farmer's market.  The produce here is amazing.
We had a nice visit with my family one Saturday.  This is my cousin, Kim, my Aunt Colleen, my  cousin, Debbie, and Kim's son, Spencer.  It was so good to see them and catch up on family news.  I got a bit of information to help me do a bit on Aunt Colleen's line for genealogy.  We hope to get together again soon.  Spencer liked the brownies that I made.  He finished the plate.

This was a stroll around the temple after Church the last week of September.  The flowers are still so pretty.

The group photo is the office staff as it was.  From left to right:  Elder Wolfley (Finance & Apartments), Sister Wolfley (Referrals, Baptisms & Supplies), Sister Cannon (Medical Assistant), Elder Cannon (Medical Adviser). Sister Swendsen (Mission Secretary) and Elder Swendsen (Vehicle Coordinator).  We have served with these two wonderful couples since we arrived her on January 30, 2017.  They have become our dear friends. 

October is a sad month for us.  Elder and Sister Cannon (on the left) left for  home to Tennessee on Friday, October 5th.  We will miss them dearly.  On the good side, we now have Elder and Sister Donnelly (on the right) as their replacements.  They have quickly become dear friends as well.

This Coming week is transfer week which will be super busy for all of us.  We got a new AP (Assistant to the President), as one AP is going home.
This is the group as of last Wednesday - left to right - Elder Shu (going home in December and going back out into the field on Tuesday), Elder McBride, and Elder McBeth (the new kid on the block).  I gave Elder Shu a new name to match his companions.  He is now Elder McShu.  He loves it.  We will miss him in the office.

Our new APs in the office:  Elder McBride & Elder McBeth