Monday, July 16, 2018

July 2018 Fun Times - Lots of Eating Involved

July started off with Ed & Sheila Ludlow's annual Canada Day Party (held on the 2nd this year) for the senior missionary couples, our ward elders and some people with interest (formerly called investigators).  Ed cooked chicken wrapped with bacon.  It was potluck salads and desserts.  There was a large turn out and we all had a lot of fun.

This is Anita and her sweet daughter.  She was there with her husband, Kumar.  Anita is going to be baptized on July 28th.  She is a wonderful, sweet lady.  She is Hindi and our ward elders met her four weeks ago, just after Elder Massey (who is Hindi) arrived from India.  Tender mercy from the Lord to put them together here in Brampton.

Ed and Sheila are the
ultimate hosts.
I enjoyed the party too.

July 4th saw a former sweet sister, Sister Jensen, come to visit the office with her family.  It was so good to see her again and meet her wonderful family.  She has been home for about 3 months now.

Wednesday evening we went to dinner with Laura Pambrun who is a service missionary in the office.  We went to Tandori Flame which is an Indian restaurant.  The two ladies below are the greeters there and let me take their picture in their lovely dresses.

Saturday was a busy day.  We went to Oshawa to have lunch with two of Mike's cousins, Shirley and Janice.  Before lunch, we went to Parkwood Estates to see the gardens again.  The flowers, hedges and gardens were beautiful.

Lunch was great and there was talk of a Salway "cousin" reunion!

Saturday evening was a senior missionary couple dinner.  We were saying goodbye to three couples who were leaving soon - the Knights, the Roziers and us.

A good time was had by all.

It is wonderful to be with all the young missionaries and the senior couples.  The enthusiasm and love of the gospel is amazing with these wonderful servants of the Lord.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

The end of a very busy June

This past week has been busy for us in the Mission Office.  Elder Swendsen has been getting new cars ready to be switched out with ones with high mileage.  It has to be done a bit at a time.  He has to take the TIWIs out of the old cars and put them in the new ones.  The TIWIs are what govern the missionaries driving.  All the new cars are now out in the field and the old ones are ready to be sent to the auction.  Hopefully that will happen this week.  I have been busy updating the procedures manual for my responsibilities.  By Friday, I had the first draft done.  This week, I will spend my time tweaking it.

Tuesday was Elder Swendsen's birthday.  We went to The Keg with the Andersons and the Donnellys to celebrate.  We had a great time.

Wednesday was our last MLC (Mission Leadership Council) before we go home.  It is so inspiring to see these young leaders in the mission and feel of their love of the gospel.  We will so miss this monthly experience of a breakfast of waffles, fruit, yogurt and juice.

Elder Aspery from Australia
Elder Herculano from Brazil

Elder Hapuku from New Zealand

Friday, we took a day off from the office and went up to Simcoe County.  This is the area where a lot of my Dunsmore ancestors lived and died.  We went to two cemeteries near Oro, Simcoe, Ontario - Little Brick Church and Fairvalley.
We also saw the land where my second great grandfather farmed in the mid to late 1800s.  It is such a pretty area.
Little Brick United Church

John Dunsmore - 2nd great grandfather

Fairvalley Church

Michael & Margaret Strong
3rd great grandparents
parents of John Dunsmore's wife, Eliza

The drive through Simcoe county was amazing.  We could understand why my ancestors and many others would settle there.

Below are two pictures of the land that John Dunsmore farmed near Oro, Ontario.  The third photo is reminiscence of the barns that they had in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Here are some views of the scenery as were driving in Simcoe County.  We ended up at Johnson's Beach in Barrie which is on the small arm of Lake Simcoe.  They even have a Yacht Club there.  All in all it was a wonderful day.

Our excursion for the day was led by a friend from my childhood, Len Bull and his wife Susan.  I hadn't seen Len in about 50 years.  Wow - such a long time.  We had such fun with them.  We all had lunch in a small restaurant in Coldwater, Simcoe, Ontario.  It was so hot that day, that all the mosquitoes were inside.  We had to swat as we ate.  Good memories from the good old days and new ones made.  In the 1950s, neither Len or I were members of the Church;  now we both are.

Saturday was the hottest day since we have been in Brampton.  High of 35 Celsius and feeling like 46 Celsius.  First thing in the morning, we took Elder and Sister Donnelly downtown to show them where the Farmer's Market is every Saturday (June - October).  It was fun and we bought some delicious pecan butter tarts.  They were amazing.  

After that we took them to Chinguacousy Park and walked around  for a while.  We had some hot dogs for lunch and were feeding the seagulls parts of our buns.  Sister Donnelly cooled off a bit at the Splash Pad area.  We all went wading in the wading pool.  Anything to cool off.

In the evening Elder Swendsen and I had to drop off the mission wash card (for cars) to the Mission Home for the Shields.  I suggested that we stop at the Dairy Queen on the way home for a Dilly Bar.  We decided to eat some ice cream that we had at home.  Good thing - DQ was crowded - a zoo.  It probably was all day.  It was a pretty sunset last night as well.

It is hard to believe that we will be on our way home in two weeks.  We are excited and yet sad, as we finish this chapter of our lives.  We will miss the people here and all of the missionaries that we have had the privilege to work with.  Serving a mission for the Lord is one of the greatest experiences to have.  We are looking forward to serving again.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Training and Family History Fun

Elder and Sister Moore came in from Smiths Falls to start their training to take over for us when we leave next month.  They are going to be great.  They are quick learners and will have a lot of fun with their new assignment.

The new office staff as of July 9th, when the Moores officially start.  They will fit in very well with the Andersons and the Donnellys.

On Friday, Elder Swendsen and I went to Smiths Falls to visit my second cousin, Judie and her husband Gord.  It was an absolutely gorgeous drive, once we got out into the country.  We had a wonderful time with more family.  The "old" photo of Judie and I, below, is in 1956, the last time I was in Smiths Falls.

Friday afternoon we went for a walk along the Rideau Canal, a gentle walk from their home - past three houses and then cross the street.  Elder Swendsen and Gord then went to the museum about the locks that are on the canal.  Judie and I sat and talked by one of the locks.  We got to see the locks work as two boats went through.  It was fascinating to see.  We later went for dinner at a restaurant (My Place) owned by people from Prague.  The weinerschnitzel was wonderful as well as the Madras soup.  We watched a beautiful sunset.  Our hotel looked out over the canal which was great.



Saturday after a great breakfast at Perfect Thyming Restaurant.  Elder Swendsen and Gord went on a road trip to Carp, Ontario about 30 kilometres from Ottawa.  They visited the Diefenbunker Museum which is four levels underground.  They had a great time.  Judie and I spent the time sharing Family History.  She has a lot of wonderful photos of the Park side of my family that I did not have.  I was taking a lot of pictures with my phone.  She also had a small pair of leather boots made by my second great grandmother, Agnes McIntyre, who was a boot machinist.  They are a miniature sample of what she made for people.

We had a wonderful visit and rekindled families ties and love.  I love my extended family.

Time is going so quickly, we only have three weeks left until we leave this wonderful mission.  There is still so much to do.

With the Lord's help, we will get everything done to complete our mission.  He gave us a tender mercy in having the Moores agree to come and work in the office.  This is His work and He is in charge.