Saturday, February 11, 2017

Greetings from Brampton, Ontario.  The photos above are of the Mission sign on the door, foyer, Mike's office and my office.  We are learning so much and are on a bit of brain overload right now.  Our mission president and his wife, President and Sister Shields, are kind, gentle, funny, and so great to work with.  There are a total of three couples serving in the office.  Elder Wolfley looks after the housing and finances for all of the missionaries.  Sister Wolfley is the receptionist and looks after referrals, convert baptisms and supplies.  Elder Cannon is the medical specialist and Sister Cannon is his assistant.  Elder Swendsen is the vehicle co-coordinator, and has a lot to do.  He gets calls from the missionaries all day, every day.  Sister Swendsen is in charge of arrivals, transfers and departures of all of the missionaries.  Elder and Sister Youngberg have been doing our jobs since September and have been training us.  They have been a big help.  They will be returning to their assignments fairly soon.

It has been so great to work with these wonderful senior missionaries.  We have had a few socials so far and have met some of the other couples in the mission. The young elders and sisters are fabulous.  They all have a great spirit about them and so much enthusiasm.

Yesterday afternoon and evening, there was a bit of a snow storm - called an Alberta Clipper here.  It wasn't so bad.  The big difference is that the snow freezes on your car.  Everywhere we went (shopping and dinner), when you left, you were told "drive carefully".  There wasn't even that much snow.  They do have amazing tractors with huge/wide bins that scrape and clear the snow away very quickly.

We are having great fun trying to find our way around here.  The streets do not run north/south and east/west.  Queen Street is one of the main streets in town.  The fun thing is that when a street intersects with Queen Street, it changes name on the other side.  You can't cross the Queen.  We are so grateful for our GPS.  Mike went out and bought a second one as he often has to drive a mission vehicle.

This week, President Shields assigned us to attend the Heart Lake Ward.  This is a family ward and they meet in the Brampton Stake Centre which is right beside the temple.  It is about 10 minutes away.

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  1. HI Sis. Swendson. Just came across your blog -we are also from the Calgary area and our daughter, Sis. Varty, is currently serving in downtown Toronto. Maybe someday you will see her! Thanks for your service and for taking care of our sons and daughters out serving! I enjoyed your blog :)