Sunday, March 19, 2017

What an amazing week.  We have now experienced our first transfer week.  Monday, we had twelve new missionaries arrive from the MTC in Provo, Utah.  Their plane landed an hour late due to bad weather in Detroit.  They were taken to the mission home for dinner with President and Sister Shields.  They had some paperwork to do and have an interview with the President.  We were called just after 8 PM to go to the mission home and meet them and pick up their paperwork and documents.  Then we headed to the mission office to sort it all out.  We had to check that all the paperwork was filled out and signed - some was not.  Then we had to photocopy their driver's licenses, Visas and passports.  Their licenses, copies of their passports and visas and unfinished paperwork went back in their envelopes to be given to them the next morning.  We got home at 10:45 PM (way past my bedtime).  Tuesday, we had to be at the Brampton Stake Centre for orientation at 7:30 AM.  Each of the mission couples had to do some of the orientation as to what we do in the office and how we can help the missionaries.  We were back to the mission office by 9:45 AM.  Mike had to be back at the stake centre by 11:30 to take pictures of the new missionaries - singles, with their companions, with the Shields, and the group.  Late morning lots of other missionaries who were in to be transferred started arriving at the mission office to get supplies, ask questions, and just share their excitement and enthusiasm.  The office finally quieted down just after 3:45 PM.  What a day, what a glorious day.  We went home very tired, exhausted, but feeling so good.  Wednesday some missionaries went home after finishing a great mission.  They will be missed.  Lots of paperwork and reports to be completed and printed on Wednesday.  Thursday slowed down a bit but still trying to get get caught up.  When we went to leave, I said to one of the other couples "See you on Monday!"  Sister Wolfley said "WHAT???  Aren't you going to be here tomorrow??  I was so tired, I thought is was Friday already.
We met with our Bishop on Thursday evening.  He wants us to work with some of the youth and some less active Young Single Adults (YSA) and maybe get them interested in Family History and Indexing.  The stake also wants us to serve in the Family History Centre.
It has been a long tiring week, but we have enjoyed every minute of it.  These young missionaries are awesome.  We are loving our mission and the opportunity that we have to serve the Lord.

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