Sunday, March 26, 2017

A busy and exciting week.  We had the start of our first set of Zone Conferences since we came.  We had one in Oakville on Wednesday and one in Toronto on Friday.  When the missionaries arrive at the chapel, they pop the hoods of their cars and leave the keys on the seat.  They go into the chapel to start their training for the day.  Then our work begins.  Elder Swendsen checks the outside of each vehicle for damage.  He checks fluid levels and tops up those that need to be topped up.  Mostly oil and windshield washer fluid.  We went through 8 gallons of washer fluid both days.  He has bought 16 gallons of washer fluid for the next two conferences next week.  I check the inside of the vehicle for cleanliness and make sure they have all the necessary documents and other things in their glove boxes.  Then we check the head lights, brake lights and signal lights.  We have about 20 or so cars to do each conference and it takes a good two hours.  Wednesday in Oakville, it was very windy, damp and cold.  I have never been so cold in my life.  I will take -35 and blowing snow in Calgary any day.  After we inspect the cars, we choose 2 or 3 of the cleanest and they get a small prize.  This time it is Kinder eggs and chocolate eggs.  The Dollar Store is great to find little fun things.  Once we have finished the inspections, we go in and listen to the training.  We have the last half hour before lunch to do our training.  I talk about what we found in the inspections and award the prizes.  Elder Swendsen then talks to them about safety when driving.  He shows them a short video.  Then he introduced the new Mission Safety Acronym - PRAY!  P is for Pray.  R is for plan your Route.  A is for Attitude - be in a good frame of mind before driving, if not go back to R and Repent.  Once P, R and A are in a good place, then Y - Yes you can drive.
The assignment for a set of Elders was to teach for 15 minutes on Obedience and a set of Sisters to teach for 15 minutes on Diligence.  We have listened to this in two conferences with two more next week.  The young missionaries are awesome in the way that they teach each other.  It was interesting to see the different things that were mentioned on each day.  These young missionaries are inspiring.  It is awesome to watch them in action.
After our presentation is a break for lunch.  The Relief Society sisters in the area prepare a lunch for us.  Oakville it was chili on top of baked potatoes, salad and then brownies and fruit for dessert.  Toronto, the Bayview Relief Society did home made Chinese food.  It was fantastic.  They went to a lot of work.  We had special fried rice, noodles, chicken drumsticks, spring rolls, veggies and oranges and egg tarts for dessert.  Egg tarts are phenomenal.  They are also a lot of work to prepare.  Here is a link for a recipe:
We are keeping very busy and loving what we are doing.  We are so grateful that the Lord sent us to the Canada Toronto Mission.

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