Sunday, April 2, 2017

Another Busy Week and a Convert Baptism in our Ward

 Another very busy week.  We finished our Zone Conferences on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We love meeting with the missionaries and watching them with their enthusiasm and love of the work.  On Wednesday, I had my first opportunity to teach someone in the parking lot while we were inspecting the cars.  She wanted to know why all the cars were lined up with their hoods up.  I explained that my husband, Elder Swendsen, was in charge of all the mission cars and we had to inspect them for cleanliness and mechanical problems.  We were at the Brampton Stake Centre beside the Toronto Temple.  She then asked why we had two churches side by side.  I was able to explain to her the differences between a chapel and a temple.  I told her of the sacred purpose of the temple and eternal families  I did not have any pass along cards or anything to give her.  I fixed that the next morning and we now have several card, pamphlets and a couple of Books of Mormon in our car.  Friday was the mission temple trip.  We do four sessions, 20 minutes apart starting at 7 AM.  /this is done before every General Conference.  Friday afternoon, several of the senior couples went out to the Sugar Shack.  This is some land owned by one of the bishops in the stake.  He has planted many maple trees and makes maple syrup.  We were able to see the operation and see how maple syrup is made.  His wife then provided a lovely dinner for all.

In between the Conference Sessions on Saturday, we went for a walk in the park that is right outside our apartment block.  We are anxiously awaiting spring when everything is green.  We have a small lake that had some geese and ducks in it.  There is also some good size bass and perch, according to a guy who was fishing.  The only setback was that there is a lot of garbage that people have thrown around, such a shame.

Today we gave a ride to two investigators from Nigeria to Conference.  The APs are teaching them.  They also stayed to a baptism afterwards.  Lukusa Kabeya was baptized into the Heart Lake Ward, which is the ward we are assigned to.  It is the first convert baptism in that ward for quite some time.  He is a fine man.  He talked to some sister missionaries and they sent him to our chapel and some elders taught him - all in about a 6 week period.

We are busy, tired but so very happy in serving in the Canada Toronto Mission.

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