Sunday, April 23, 2017


As usual, we have been very busy.  We have started teaching a less active sister and her 2 non-member children, ages 12 and 9.  This is new for us.  She wanted sister missionaries and we have elders in our ward.  She agreed to let us teach them.  We have shared basic gospel doctrine about our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.  We have given them a video about the last week of Christ's life and one on the Restoration of the Gospel.  It is a new experience for us and seems to be going OK so far.  We have been giving the children rides to church for three weeks now.  The Mom says that she is not ready to come to church.
We have been busy in the mission office, as well.  Mike sold two cars last week and will have some more to sell in about another week.  He is also trying to get all the oil changes caught up on the cars.  He started with 30 needing changing a couple of weeks ago and is down to about 15.
Tomorrow is the start of another "Transfer Week".  We will be really busy with new missionaries for a couple of days.  It is such an exciting time.  One of the sisters coming in tomorrow is from France.  Her assignment is English speaking, but we do have two French areas.
Yesterday we did an excursion with seven other couples.  One couple is going home on Tuesday.  We all traveled just over a hour to a rural area just outside of Kitchener.  We were in Amish and Mennonite country.  We went to the oldest covered bridge in Canada, called the Kissing Bridge.

We then ventured over to St. Jacob's Market.  We could have used a lot more time there.  We will go again. It was like a huge farmer's market with booths inside the buildings and outside as well.  We bought some jam, sausage, fudge, an apron and a lover's knot.  At the outside area of the market, the Amish kept their extra wares is an enclosed buggy.  These buggies are also called courting buggies.

We saw some Amish people driving on the road in a typical Amish buggy.  We also saw a buggy being towed by another buggy.  I didn't quite get the buggy being towed in the picture.

We all met up at Anna Mae's for dinner.  We had a fine Amish dinner with home made pie for dessert that was to die for. So many choices of pie.  The price was inexpensive too, $28.00 for the two of us.  There was also a huge bakery and gift shop attached to the restaurant.

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  1. We might go look at this when we come this July