Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Most Wonderful Sabbath Day

The weather these days is quite unpredictable - sunshine, blue skies, fluffy clouds, storm clouds, rain, downpours, lightning and thunder.  The clouds here are so wonderful to watch.  They are very different from what we see in Alberta.  They are all spectacular, just so very different.  More of Heavenly Father's wonders of this beautiful world.
Summer is here, I got a couple of mosquito bites as we were out walking.

Last Monday, Elder Swendsen and I both had messages on our phones (from the weekend).  They were a man who said his name was Chuck, gave his phone number and asked how he could join the church. WOW!!!  We gave the info to the APs who gave it to the Brampton Ward Elders. "Look at what happens on Sunday!"

Last week (Wed, Thurs & Fri) we had three zone conferences where we saw all 10 zones over the three days.  The missionaries are getting much better at cleaning their cars.  The top winner was on day 2 - the Ajax sisters left Elder Swendsen a 300 gram Lindt chocolate bar and a note thanking him for being the best vehicle coordinator in the world!  Their car was amazing - they had worked hard.  Treats and notes help too.  We so love meeting with all the missionaries at these conferences.  Their enthusiasm for the work and the strength of all their testimonies is amazing.

What a most amazing Sabbath Day!  So many tender mercies touched my heart.
1.  Sacrament Meeting - due to a Spanish multi stake conference, we met later in the day with the Brampton Ward for all 3 meetings.
The first two speakers talked about going to the temple a week ago when the husband received his endowment.  They shared such beautiful feelings and testimony.  The second speaker talked about the blessing of having a son on a mission.  The third speaker talked again about the blessings of the temple and how it has impacted his family.
2.  Sunday School - we checked out the Gospel Essentials class and there was no-one there.  I told Elder Swendsen that I had seen the Brampton Ward Elders walking down the hall with a possible investigator.  We found them in the Temple Visitor's Centre looking a movie about the temple.  We sat in with them.  After talking to this man for a bit, and all of us sharing feelings about the temple, we took him for a walk around the temple grounds and continued to talk with him.  Elder Swendsen asked his name, as we hadn't been told - it was Chuck.  We told him and the Elders that we had both received his messages and were glad that he was here.  The Elders are going to meet with him on Saturday.  He seems to be a golden contact.  He is from Nigeria.  The Elders are going to get a couple of their ward members, who are also from Nigeria, to be his fellow-shippers.
3.  Relief Society - We had a lesson discussing the Conference talk by Elder Sabin - Stand Up Inside and Be All In - we had an amazing lesson.  Several sisters shared some extremely challenging trials that they have gone through or are going through now - the faith and love of the Savior, the trust in the Lord for all to be well, or as it should be and the courage to accept what happens.
Needless to say, I came home overflowing with a testimony that has been greatly strengthened.
The gospel of Jesus Christ is true.  Heavenly Father and the Savior love us more that we can fathom.  Our prayers will be answered in His time and according to His plan.

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