Sunday, June 11, 2017

Transfer Week

This past week was transfer week.  We got eight new missionaries and nine missionaries went home.  Monday was a "Murphy Day" - anything that could go wrong, did.  As we arrived at the mission office on Monday morning, I noticed that the mission trailer was not in the parking lot next to our truck.  It turns out that it was stolen on Sunday evening.  This was not the week for that to happen.  We use the truck and trailer to pick up missionaries and their luggage on Monday afternoons, move apartments on Tuesday and take missionaries and their luggage to the airport on Wednesday mornings.  Thank goodness, we had a small group coming and going and we had enough vans to help with the transporting. The truck was full of luggage.  Elder Swendsen spent most of Monday on the phone about the trailer - reporting to the police, Salt Lake and then calling around trying to find a good deal on a new one.  I think we should be be getting a new one some time this week.
I got into the office and on to my computer to find out that we were having an extra new missionary coming that afternoon that we hadn't been told about.  She was coming from Edmonton and not the MTC.  She was waiting for her passport.  I had to get busy and get her Welcome Packet printed and prepared.  Later in the morning we are informed that one of the elders coming from the MTC lost his passport on the train and wouldn't be coming till Tuesday.  Needless to say, Monday was a very hectic and busy day at the office.  Monday evening, we go to the Mission Home and meet the new missionaries and get their passports, Visas and driver's licenses.  We take them all back to the Mission Office to photo copy.  I also send a letter to all the parents to let them know that their missionary has arrived safely in Toronto.  When we met the new missionaries, it turns out that the new Sister that came from Edmonton, was the grand-daughter of Claire and Rochelle Shields.
Tuesday was orientation for the new missionaries, starting at 7:30 AM.  Transfers of all the other missionaries happened through out the morning.  Late morning and most of the afternoon, the Mission Office had missionaries coming and going.  It is a super time as we, seniors, get to enjoy their enthusiasm and spirit.  We have such a great group of Elders and Sisters.  Late Tuesday afternoon, we got to go to the airport to pick up the Elder who had lost his passport on Monday.  It had been found and returned to him.  We got to drive around in the Toronto Airport, or should I say Zoo.  It is a crazy place.  We got turned around leaving and were headed to downtown Toronto instead of Brampton.  What a day!
Wednesday  is a sad day as missionaries who we love are going home.  We lost some really top notch ones this transfer.
Thursday was MLC - Mission Leader Conference.  The office couples make breakfast for them (about 30) for 7:30 AM.  Again we love being around these great leaders of our mission.
Friday was a quiet day and we were glad as we were all exhausted.
Saturday was the Mission proxy baptism time at the temple for new converts.  We helped with that.  We had 6 new members who all did some family file names.  It was a nice way to end the week.
In the afternoon we went to Brampton's Kite Festival for a bit.  There were lots of kites of all sizes and shapes in the air.  It was a good windy day for kites.

It has been a crazy, busy week, but so much fun. The gospel is true.  Serving a mission is a great experience.

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