Sunday, January 15, 2017

MTC Life

We have been busy on this wonderful Sabbath Day.  To begin with, we slept in till 7 AM.  We rushed to shower, dress and get to the cafeteria for breakfast before church.  We were in the room for sacrament meeting by 7:40 for our 8:00 AM meeting.
We are in Branch 17 which is an International Branch.  There are several senior couples (English speaking) and then young elders and sisters from all over the world who are coming to North America.  Most of them will be speaking English here.  A couple of them will be speaking Mandarin.  We had a wonderful Sacrament meeting with two of the young missionaries as speakers.  After a 1/2 hour break all the couples got to watch Music and the Spoken Word followed by a joint Priesthood and relief Society Meeting.
Our afternoon was free time - short nap for me.  Technology is sure wonderful to have down here.  We first used it the night we were set apart at home so that Tara, Barrett and Kari could hear our blessings.  Last night we did a video call with Heather and Bryan and this afternoon we chatted with Evan, Cameron and Raelyn.
The picture with today's posting is a carving of the Last Supper in olive wood.  It is on the table in the foyer of our floor in the MTC.  It is beautiful.  There is so much gorgeous art work every where.
Training and lots of hard work starts tomorrow.  The spirit here is so wonderful.  We are so blessed to be serving our Father in Heaven as missionaries.

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