Friday, January 27, 2017

We Have Left the MTC

It is official - we have left the MTC.  This the door hanger than you hang outside your door once you have loaded up all of your stuff.  We drove through Wyoming today and are staying is Sidney, Nebraska.  Wyoming was something very different.  The landscape was very different, yet beautiful.  We felt like we were in the Wild West.  We went through Fort Bridge (no Rendezvous), Laramie, and Cheyenne.  Lots of roads and shops were named Maverick, Bonanza and even Outlaw.  We saw the sunset of 360 degrees.  There were colors everywhere.  We had sun, blue skies and dry roads.  We also had a lot of 40+ mph winds and a lot of blowing snow.  I had the fun job of driving through most of that while Mike snoozed.  Tomorrow, we will get to Omaha and visit Winter Quarters.  Our first District Leader and his wife got there two days ago to serve there.

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