Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekend of Rest

Saturday was a day of sleep for me.  Mike read and watched some videos. Saturday night, we went to dinner with Bob and Larilyn Dang at Cafe Rio.  Bob and Mike were mission companions many years ago on the Navajo Reservation.  The Mexican food there is really good.  That place is very popular and was really hopping while we were there.
Sunday we went to our Sacrament meeting in the international branch.  Those elders and sisters are so sweet and humble.  We then came back to our room and watched Music and the Spoken Word.  This is always so good.  Mike then went to Priesthood meeting and I had another long sleep.  Mike went to the Sunday Devotional.  Elder Allen is the managing director of the Missionary Department and was the speaker.  He called up about a dozen young elders and sisters and asked each one of them what they gave up to come on their missions.  Some of the answers, I guess, were quite humorous.  One young Elder Osmond, gave up his family.  He is Donny Osmond's youngest son.
Today we started our training for serving in a mission office.  There are five couples and two senior sisters in our group.  This training is all on computers.  I have learned a couple of new tricks in using Word and Excel.  Three more days of training and then we are off!
It has snowed off and on today and there is supposed to be a bad storm coming in from somewhere.  Part of I-80 in Wyoming is closed already.  We will be taking that route on Friday.  We are hoping for much better weather by then.

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  1. I hope you are feeling better Frances. Take care of yourself. Praying the weather co-operates so you can drive safely to Ontario.